Carpet Fitter SEO
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SEO for Carpet Fitters

As you're here I'm guessing you're a carpet fitter trying to get your website higher on Google, perhaps number 1?

If so then you have at last found the right person to get your website more visitors and therefore more work for you!

My name is James and I have been a Carpet Fitter for 40 years (my son Jay now has taken over) and an SEO Consultant for 20 years. As you can see I am ranking well above so called SEO companies and is why I now specialising in Carpet Fitter SEO only


Just like slash and run carpet fitters there are many really bad SEO companies who could potentially harm your website presence on the web.

SEO agencies for carpet fitter websites claim that you need to subscribe monthly and that you need to 'keep doing' SEO.

hmm! Yes you do need yearly checks and to keep up with security and updates, but apart from that once a website is performing well it should be left alone.

How to SEO?

If you have been told that you need to keep creating back-links and spam your website with irrelevant keywords then you must realise by now that this is not SEO! SEO consists of 5 parts as the list below explains. Once these five parts to SEO are accomplished you can win high search engine rankings.

  1. Performance - The speed of a web page loading is crucial.
  2. Security - Yes Google does care if your website it secure and up to date!
  3. Best Practices - Does your website conform to standards?
  4. Accessibility - Is your website viewable on varying devices and can impaired visitors use the site properly?
  5. Content - Content is king...