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Carpet Fitting Services in Plymouth

Our customers always receive a professional fitting service and quality work so we see a lot of return customers in and around Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall area, where we mainly operate. We believe this is because we like to keep our fitting services local, friendly and professional.

Tamar Carpet Fitters offer a wide range of services and feels that no job is too big or too small for us. Whether you need a full house fitted or just a cupboard we can fit to suit your needs. We provide all accessories such as gripper bars, underlay, door bars, glue and any other materials needed to fit your carpets.


Our carpet fitters can fit all types of carpets like foam and felt carpets or jute and hessian carpets. Maybe you need our fitters for carpet tiling, vinyls, secondary backed carpets or you may only need your carpets to be re-stretched.

Here's a list of what our carpet fitters can provide:

Free Measuring
Carpet Fitting
Carpet tiles
Carpet Re-stretching
Felt / Foam backed carpets
Hessian / Jute backed carpets
Secondary backed carpets